Common Questions Asked about Payday Loans


Many people are already getting payday loans since this type of loan is already a popular one. But for those who are still new to it, there are some questions that they want to get answers first before they try getting the loans. So here are some of these common questions and the answers we have provided in the hope that this can be of help.

What is a payday loan?

It is a small and short term kind of loan that one can use to cover for expenditure until you will get your next pay. Applying is done online and while approval is also fast. After completing your application you can submit it and if this approved, you can have the money credited to your account at the same day you processed you loan. pfiloans.com is an expert of payday loans; you can visit their original site for detailed info.

Does payday loan require collateral?

All payday loans are non-collateral loan meaning it is an unsecured loan and is different from car loans or real estate loans where there are collateral and often it is the house or the car that is put against the loan.

How much can a first time applicant get if he applies for this payday loan?

In the general sense, first time applicants can get as much as £300 but it also depends on the take home you are getting. You will likely be approved if you borrow for a lesser amount. Once you have established your credit having repaid your loan, you can get a bigger loan at times as much as twice the first loan.


Payday loan is often a solution to a person’s short term cash need. So ideally, it is best to consider it this way. If you will continue to depend on a payday loan, you will end up having to pay for interest every month which can be avoided if you reduce your loan and try to fully pay it.